Saturday, 13 September 2014

Like This

rough week chicken from Google Images
I get this bird.  That's about how I feel most days, and I reckon I'm not too far off looking a bit like that.  Parenting a twice-exceptional child full-time is one heck of a ride, but I can still hold my head up and strut my stuff like I'm rocking this job.  It'll probably age me before my time and ruin my health, but my kids are going to turn out awesome.
I'm not boasting, and while I may not be 'living the dream', I'm no martyr, either.  I just recognize that this is going to be a tough job, and a long one, and it's going to take all I've got to do it well.  My kids are not going to be awesome because I am going to sacrifice myself to make them that way, they already are awesome - I just need to help them grow up with their awesomeness intact.
Life is tough, and I can see already that it is going to be particularly tough for one of my children.  I've had my turn at doing what I want.  I've done many of the things I dreamed of doing when I was young.  I'm comfortable with the person I've grown into.  I like my life.  I can handle making some sacrifices for my kids. 
Like sleep. I haven't had enough sleep for 7 years.  But, there was a time when I used to deprive myself of sleep just for the sake of fun.  I can handle it.  Right now that child needs me.  One day, she won't.  That's the whole point of parenting, to not be needed anymore.  If I can help my children learn to soar, then I really don't mind if I end up looking like that chicken. (I know, it's a cockerel.  A cockerel is a boy chicken, in my book.)  I can rock this special-needs parenting thing and still strut my stuff.
It's going to be a rough few decades, but I'll make it - How about you?

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